Lower Chequer


The "Lower Chequer" Inn is claimed to be the oldest building in Sandbach, dating from 1570.

It is said the "Chequered Board" was used to help uneducated customers count their money (many landlords were moneylenders in olden days).

The mounting block at the side enabled travellers to mount and alight from coach and horses.

An ancient horseshoe is nailed to the bar - a lucky link that spans 400 years. Beneath the bar, the cellar is exactly as it was when used for stabling horses when the pub was one of Cheshire's best known coaching inns on the main road from Manchester to London.

The Chequers was first called the Church Inn after worshippers and clerks from the Parish Church, just 50 yards from the Inn used to quench their thirsts after services. The Chequer is known to have a ghost called "You". A stable hand who died in his forties, his presence has been felt in the cellar and his name originated from "you" do this and "you" do that.

The house next door is the same age as the Lower Chequer.


This is a present day view down Crown Bank past the Lower Chequer. The black and white photograph below is from a similar position early this century. Notice the original buildings have been replaced with a fake black and white building.


Behind the Lower Chequer across Hawk Street is a black and white building with two large triangular windows at the top. This was William Mellor's house and shop. The following photograph shows him with his family and dog in about 1920. As well as the shop, William Mellor also supplied the horses to pull the local fire engine. Thanks for this photograph and information go to Simon Mellor (great great grandson).



26th December 2004

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