Old Hall

The Old Hall stands on the Newcastle Road opposite St.Mary's church. This splendid black and white half timbered building is now a hotel.

The hall was built in 1656 and is a Grade 1 listed building. It is probably on the site of the original Manor, the present building was built for Sir John Radclyffe who secured Sandbach's market charter from Queen Elizabeth I in 1579.

It was originally constructed square from wattle and daub with oak frame and although no-one knows for certain how old it really is, a date on the side - TB 1656 - does give us an indication of when it was built. Inside there are three Jacobean fireplaces, the one downstairs being very ornate and having the added attraction of a secret door on the right. The bedrooms are reached by an oak staircase, on which someone sat long enough to carve "IB 1828". The hall was originally the residence of the Lords of the Manor of Sandbach, and at one time was divided into two tenements, one being used as a public house called "The Three Tuns Inn".

There has been some restoration but most of the original structure remains. The oak for the timber frame is thought to have come from the Saxe-mondron forest near Nantwich. Inside are some original fireplaces and oak panelling. Features of particular interest are a left-handed spiral staircase and a priest hole. There was reputed to be a hidden passage to the church but it is unlikely that this still exists.


26th December 2004

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